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Mattias Nilsson


Mattias Nilsson


The lenses fitted in these sunglasses feature high optical precision. However they should not be considered as an unbreakable shield against impacts. The frames are handcrafted and made of different types of woods. If you want to bend it with force, it will break. You need to treat the frame like you treat nature, then it will reveale it´s grace over time.



To clean your lenses, please use the provided cloth, dry and clean. Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths as they could alter the feature of the filters. Keep in the appropriate case: in a dry place, at temperature between +10 and +35°C (Celsius).




During the final stages of crafting a pair of eyeglasses, the eyewear is covered with a thin coat of a salve made of beeswax. This procedure makes the frame water repellent and lightens up the wooden grain, providing a semi gloss finish. Since wood is a living entity, from time to time it is needs your care. Take care of your eyeglasses like your furniture. When your wood eyeglasses start to look a little worn out, apply a hint of wax or oil to bring back the luster. Oil for finishing wood or even a  transparent lip balm should do the trick.



Take care of your sunglasses by following the instructions below after periods of overuse.


Make sure that your hands are clean and free of any debris, textile fibres etc.


Take a small amount of the salve, the size of a small peanut. This amount is enough for the whole frame.


Apply the salve with your index and thumb on the frame and try to follow the natural grain of wood, using straight moves. Make sure that the frame is completely clean.


Take a dry cotton cloth (not the one provided for the lenses) to finish the cure process. Ideally a microfiber cloth is the best solution for this step.


In circular motion wipe out any excess salve with the cloth. Repeat if necessary using a clean side of the cloth, by folding it over.


The salve is 100% natural and harmless for the lenses. Though we recommend being careful when you are near them, because extra cleaning time will be needed