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About WOOD3N®

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Inspired by Nature


We´ve not been around for 50 years in the eyewear industry, and we don't think we can save the planet. But we have a strong determination and a will to create fashionable and sustainable eyewear frames out of recycled wood, And by doing so, do our part of protecting the environment.

Of little acorn grows huge oak trees.

We are global citizens but we also believe that our product should be made by the sources we have locally. Handcrafted in Gothenburg, Sweden by our handy craftmen. A pair doesn´t leave us until we are satisfied. Every pair is uniquely made for you. Because you are one of a kind/ Mattias Owner

Earth-Friendly frames.

We use mostly recycled wood to manufacture our sunglasses and this together with our tree-planting program we consider ourself as a do-gooder. 


The Idea

The idea was born in the family woodworking business. A lot of material was thrown because of not fulfilling the requirement of the original purpose. Material that was perfect to create eyewear frames out of. 

Giving Back

For every frame we sell, we plant 1 tree together with WWF. Feel free do donate for a better cause.

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