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Have a look at our current frames, all WOOD3N glasses are fitted with Titanium temples for optimal strength and flexibility. Every frame is carefully manufactured by hand which means that you'll wear a true original.

Wasa Optical

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wasa öppen web.jpg
wasa öppen sida web.jpg

Wasa Optical

from 249.00

A timeless frame with classic design. Carefully handmade in Sweden with focus on comfort and quality . Temples are made in Titan for optimal strength and flexibility. With an openable solution any tipe of optical glass can be used.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Material - Birch,  Titanium and choice of Ash, Walnut, Teak or Oak
  • Fits Male/Female
  • Weight: 10 G

Delivered with a woolen pouch and a microfiber cloth.

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En tidlös båge med klassisk design. Omsorgsfullt handtillverkade i Sverige med fokus på komfort och kvalité. Skalmar handtillverkade i Titan för optimal styrka och flexibilitet.

  • Svensktillverkade
  • Material - Björk, Wenge, Titan
  • Passar till Man/Kvinna